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  1. Been searching for potent k2 spray for more than 7 months after my first plug got caught. I keep getting scammed so bad until i was able to stumble k2sheetsshop. I must say they got the best customer services and product. I would love to give them a 5 star but the delivery came 2 days instead of overnight deliver. so its a 4 star

  2. Damn! this is so far the strongest i’ve ever tried. I recently got 5 sheets and my homies all did a try and they were on their toes. This is a real man down quality.

  3. good customer service and dope product qaulity

  4. I’ve tried a couple of herbal incense and Diablo but this one is off the hook. To anyone who can withstand Extra potent strength, you should be thinking of getting these sheets and thank me later.

  5. I’ve ordered more than 10 items, and 2 of them had a problem, most notably with shipping time. But my recent order had no issues.