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  1. Been searching for potent k2 spray for more than 7 months after my first plug got caught. I keep getting scammed so bad until i was able to stumble k2sheetsshop. I must say they got the best customer services and product. I would love to give them a 5 star but the delivery came 2 days instead of overnight deliver. so its a 4 star

  2. Damn! this is so far the strongest i’ve ever tried. I recently got 5 sheets and my homies all did a try and they were on their toes. This is a real man down quality.

  3. Very professional and discreet. The guy Smith helped me throughout my purchase. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM

  4. It is and was everything I expect turn out very well for me no problems at all

  5. As always the service was amazing and the products are beautiful.